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C. banner, founded in 1995, sets out from the design concept of “Inspired Life With Temperature” and combines exquisite manufacturing technology to create pervasive, relaxing and comfortable footwear products. Adhering to the brand proposition of “Footwear With Life Inspiration”, C. banner is committed to bringing modern young families fashion items closer to quality and life by a classic design style with details and ease. C. banner conveys the elegant, meaningful and pure self-expression in the new era, making every step an art of simplification.


C. banner women’s footwear pursues the effortless chic style. With the brand concept of “less is more”, the classic footwear series conform to the purest demand and feeling of consumers, advocating a natural and balanced life attitude. The silent footwear and U-shaped footwear, which have obtained the utility model patent certificates and focused on lower walking sound and heel relaxation, appeal to a diversified range of consumers. C. banner has been exploring more possibilities of the classic C°, showing the elegance and modern with distinctive brand features in the mass market of each season. Its classic products are always bringing us new feelings as usual.


Among C. banner men’s footwear, the business footwear series products are made of high-quality leather with unique flexibility and delicacy, creating a quality business sense by virtue of fashion and elegance; the leisure series emphasize relaxed heel feeling, light, anti-slip and anti-deformation functions, explore free walking style and present the life attitude and fashion trends of men; while the sports series adopt ultra-light, soft and elastic outsole technology, coupled with the characteristics of shock absorption, anti-slip and wearable, which highlights the casual charm of men and makes every step comfortable.


C. banner Kids is featured by colorful and funny styles based on comfortable and fashion feeling, integrating fashion, innovation, and imagination into the practical and fashionable design so as to fully present a happy childhood life. The footwears are suitable for children aged between 3-12, which create good space for feet growing of children and focus on excellent process and quality to bring customers a sense of brand and quality. C°BANNER KIDS is committed to exploring children’s innocence and happiness, and making their every step a walking art.


C. banner handbag is the indispensable fashion product of women for going out, which are made of exquisite craftsmanship skills to meet various needs for women on different occasions. It is dedicated to providing consumers with more effective cloth-matching rules, and finding balance between simplicity and elegance, fashion and quality. The products are widely accepted and never go out of style.